Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Have sex, Indian cricket team told

India has never been an aggressor at war…Indian cricket teams are not known to attack first, to dominate from the start…

Having sex increases testosterone levels, which causes an increase in strength, aggression and competitiveness. Conversely, not having sex for a few months causes a significant drop…

With never-before attention to detail, these excer-pts from a four-part document put together by India cricket coach Gary Kirsten and mental conditioning expert Paddy Upton, and handed over to the team members, indicate the seriousness with which Team India is taking its most recent attempt to be the world’s best.

From food to sex to self-improvement, the document Hindustan Times has accessed was also given to the team’s support staff in advance of the eight-nation Champions Trophy that kicked off in South Africa on Tuesday.

Vision statements are not new — and other teams do address such issues — but the depth of this one and the topics it addresses is.

What would have quickly caught the attention of India’s players, for instance, is the piece on sex. Tongue firmly in cheek, the document clarifies myths about sex and sporting performance.

While sex is a subject that is often on the minds of the players, it is seldom discussed officially. The first part though, deals with food, specifically outlining how eating habits make a difference to cricketers.

From obvious ways to avoid acidity, to developing habits that will help in the long run, to cautioning against diabetes, the document is a must-read.

Part Three deals with the need for attitudinal changes so as to grow not just as intelligent cricketers but also develop “social, emotional and spiritual intelligence.”

The final part explores why India has difficulties playing away from home, drawing parallels from India’s history as a country and the wars it has fought. How all of this will translate into performance on the field? Wait for the championship

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