Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Chand Reconverted for Money'

Says Fiza, as she takes on the Bhajan Lal family for 'mentally torturing' her. She tells Jayita Bandyopadhyay Chand's punishment should be death

God save a man from the wrath of a woman wronged! And in this case, God save Chander Mohan alias Chand Mohammad alias Chander Mohan from his wife of few months Fiza alias Anuradha Bali.

A veteran of religious and marital volte-face, Haryana's former deputy chief minister has changed his religion again, this time returning to his native Bishnoi clan. But if a fuming Fiza is to be believed, he is not ready to give her up. "Koi mujhe is pagal se bachao (someone save me from this madman). He announced to the world that he has become a Hindu and then today evening sent me a word through a friend that he has done so under his mother, Jasma Devi's pressure. He said, 'Maa mujhe majboor ki hai. Woh mere saath khadi thi. Aur mujhe paisa chahiya tha ilaaj ke liye. (My mother has forced me. She saw to it that I changed my religion. And I had no choice but to obey her as I needed financial help for my treatment),'" said Fiza, the former assistant advocate-general of Haryana. Chander Mohan had been recently hospitalised after suffering a fractured hip, which as Fiza alleges, was the handiwork of his mother!

"Agar dalia daan karne se sab kaam ho jata, toh phir har paapi yehi karta. (As a part of his purification ceremony, Chand donated 100 quintals of dalia at a gaushala). He has gone insane and even his mother needs to see a good psychiatrist. He says his mother is his life, so why did he marry, that too twice? He could have hidden in his mother's lap forever. He and his family are mentally torturing me," said Fiza, who vouches to remain a Muslim till death.

Fiza took on Chander Mohan's father, former Haryana chief minister Bhajan Lal too: "Bhajan Lal had said he would die but never let his son return to the Bishnoi fold. So what happened now? He forgot his own promise!"
While the Bishnoi community leaders have accepted Chander Mohan, Fiza feels Muslim leaders will never forgive her husband. "If the laws of Shariyaat are to be followed, Chand Mohammad's punishment is death. Islam bans such frivolous conversions," she said.

Her parting shot: "This man changes his religion every second day, his wife every third day and party, every fourth day. But I will not take him back again, though he is still trying to stay in touch with me. I have not yet withdrawn my police complaint and his behaviour is only making me angry."

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