Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Kate Upton fails to cover boobs with hand

Kate Upton, who came out of nowhere and is fast becoming one of the most famous bikini models in the world on account of her massive assets, is seen doing her best all-American girl impression while wearing as little as possible in a sensational Terry Richardson shoot. At first, the
20-year-old model was seen relying heavily on her hands to keep her boobs hidden as she strutted around in nothing but pants. However, she soon stopped bothering to protect her modesty after pulling on a t-shirt that provided absolutely no coverage for her nipples whatsoever.

She was later asked to describe herself. “My favourite food is sushi, my favourite restaurant is Nobu and my favourite colour is yellow. I love all the states in America. I just love America. I look for someone who is fun, chilled and will not steal my spotlight,” the Mirror quoted her as saying. She was then asked what if she had one wish. “If I had one wish, it’d be for smaller boobs. Just kidding!” she said.

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