Friday, 16 March 2012

First look: The actor who plays Ajmal Kasab in Ram Gopal Varma’s film

Ram Gopal Varma has found his Ajmal Kasab. The director has started working on his new film based on the 26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai in 2008. RGV has named the film The Attacks of 26/11.

RGV is religiously tweeting about his new film and writes, “the attacks of 26/11 will detail every aspect of the carnage beginning with the terrorists taking over Amar solankis trawler `Kuber'”. But it was relatively hard for the director to get his Kasab. He is believed to have auditioned around 500 applicants for the role of Kasab and finally zeroed on a young theatre actor Sanjay Jaiswal to play the terrorist. Sanjay Jaiswal is originally from Delhi, and his image resembling Ajmal Kasab has already been released.

A perfectionist Ramu wanted an extremely realistic portrayal of Kasab and so he wanted his actor to look very similar to the actual person. Ramu says that Kasab was just about 21 years old back then. So to find a guy of his age, who matches Kasab’s height and has a similar face and is also a terrific actor was a tall order. But since Ramu has his Kasab now in Sanjay Jaiswal, he feels lucky and has started the shoot.

“Today is the first day of shoot of most important film of my career, The Attacks of 26/11 because it's on the most important event that ever happened... if not in scale, damage and tragedy, just in sheer complexity, it beats even 9/11', claims Ram Gopal Varma.

Have a look at the reel Kasab, and tell us do you think he resembles the terrorist.

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