Saturday, 3 October 2009

Shah Rukh awarded with Joru Ka Ghulam award

Farah Khan exclusively awarded our beloved SRK, a Joru Ka Ghulam award on her chat show Tere Mere Beach Mein. SRK on the show revealed how he was insecure before he married Gauri and how he is completely committed to her after marriage.

SRK says, “I wouldn’t like it if Gauri left her hair loose. She’s so beautiful that I used to stop her wearing mini-skirts or T-shirts. But I promised her the minute we married that I’d never behave in such a rotten manner. She would never feel curbed from doing anything. I was only insecure till we were married because I didn’t know if she belonged to me like I belonged to her.”

“Today, if she returns from a party wearing a long skirt even Aryan asks her not to wear it as he doesn’t like her in long covered clothes. He considers her the most beautiful and his second choice is Angelina.” Farah asks, “I am guessing the same goes for you!” SRK replies,”No, for me, it’s Angelina at No.1 & Gauri is No. 2!”

When Farah awarded him with the Joru Ka Ghulam award, SRK said in award speech,”Main in sabhi nowjawaano se kehna chahoonga … ki aur mehnat karo aur koshish karo ki biwi ke gulaam ban sako, aur main unko yeh bhi clear karna chahta hoon ki just because yeh Farah ka show hai, yeh STAR TV par hai, isliye yeh award fix nahi hai! Yeh mera haq hain aur maine haq se jeeta hai!”

Also check out SRK’s funda’s to remain loyal to your women!

1.”This is my suggestion to all the men: Whenever your wife calls, quickly answer / respond, even if it means telling lies, whatever lie it may be, like you don’t need to tell her with whom you’re having a bath etc … as long as you can you respond to her call and say ‘yes, darling I love you too, muawh, muawh’!”

2.”Mujko genuinely aisa lagta hain … ki bhagwan hai, allah hain, khuda hain, god hain aur agar uske baad koi hain toh who auraat hain … And I believe that aurton ki izzat honi chahiye … unse pyaar hona chahiye … isiliye main hamesha kehta hoon that I truly and absolutely LOVE WOMEN!”

3.”Girls are good if you just listen to them in small things, say yes to everything they ask for, don’t do any of it and you get by very easily in life … ”

4.”They need time and when she gives me so much freedom, it’s my duty, dharm to do what she likes. I have never come home and said I am tired, because main jo thaaka hua hoon apne kaam mein thakka hua hoon … at home, my time is for my wife and my children, I cannot go wrong with them.”

5.”Any man who is comfortable in letting his wife be is the real man and any man who is uncomfortable letting his girlfriend / wife be is an absolutely insecure wimp and foolish man.”

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