Friday, 2 October 2009

Amitabh Bachchan refers to Katrina Kaif as the ‘most popular star’

The scion of Bollywood, Amitabh is amazed by how quickly the beautiful Katrina has risen in the industry.

Writing on his blog, Amitabh talks about his first encounter with the young actress and comments on her growth as a star in her own right.

“Katrina Kaifstabs a ‘hey its me’ finger punch on my shoulder and we recollect old times. The time of her very first film Boom and how as a shy reticent girl she had been bullied by the director not to ever look into the monitor. She was new and uncertain like most of us, but was keen to see what she looked like on screen. I thought it was a most natural and common desire and one that should have been allowed by the director, but when he did not express its possibility to the rest of the cast, I had dragged her to the monitor and given her the first look of what she looked like, to her. To her credit she still remembers that moment,” he wrote.

Amitabh also reveals memories of Katrina from the shooting of Sarkar, “Later as the film shoot in Dubai came to an end, I had invited all cast and crew to tour the city at night and to perhaps have a bite somewhere. I recollect the embarrassment she and all of us faced when she was stopped from going inside a club, because the man in charge of the door thought her to be underage. And now from a small insignificant part in Sarkar to the most Googled and popular star in the firmament, Ms Kaif has come such a long way in such a short time,” he wrote.

It appears that Big B has quite a lot of time and praise for Kat!

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