Monday, 3 August 2009

I am not a fool: Shilpa Sethi

The authorities of Orissa's revered Gopinath Deb temple at Sakhigopal filed a complaint recently against Shilpa Shetty accusing her of having walked into the temple with footwear on and hurting religious sentiments. The authorities filed the FIR at Satyabadi police station.

However, Shilpa insists that they were being biased against her. "I know one should enter a temple with taking your shoes off. In fact, we were supposed to be shooting inside the temple, but the punditjis raised an objection, so we shot on the steps outside. I had kept my footwear in my car, as I didn't want to wear them even in the vicinity of the temple! I had no footwear on when we shot the whole scene," says Shilpa. "Later, I decided to enter the temple without the footwear of course to take God's darshan. How could I not go and visit the temple when I was there? But I don't know what happened, when I came out, one of the guys started screaming,
'How could she be allowed inside?' I didn't know why he was making such a fuss. Thankfully, my bodyguard took me to safety quickly. And the next thing I know was that a case was filed against me that I entered the temple with footwear on!"

She adds, "This is preposterous! I am a spiritually inclined person and I know the temple laws very well. I am not a fool to enter a temple with my footwear on. This is rubbish. They are just looking for attention."

Then on a lighter note, Shilpa says, "It's all right, I am getting used to controversies now. Wherever I go, one is created."

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