Sunday, 2 August 2009

Drew Barrymore thinks she was Dolphin in past life

Actress Drew Barrymore is obsessed with dolphins and thinks she was one of the placid marine mammals in a previous life. reports that she likes them so much that she has even turned her home into a shrine to them. has over 200 statues and figurines of the creatures dotted around her property, including ones carved from crystal and wood. She also swam with dolphins while holidaying in the Bahamas and Hawaii.

"They are just really special creatures and highly evolved. To tell you the truth, I'm convinced I was a dolphin in another life and that's why I'm so attracted to them," she told a friend.

This is not the first animal Drew has shown an interest in. Earlier this year, it was reported she was being plagued by squirrels after she began feeding a trio of the critters in her backyard.

"At first three or four squirrels visited Drew when she went outside for a cigarette break - she called them Luke, Fab and Spike after a trio of her ex-boyfriends. But now more than a dozen flock to her each day," a source said.

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